Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dogelly?

 Dogelly is a marketplace created by a team of enthusiasts for real Dogecoin fans. Being the fastest, most reliable, simplest and most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world, Dogecoin is simply ideal as a means of paying for goods and services, creating public funds, financing startups, charity events, and so on. We want all members of the Dogecoin community to have even more opportunities to implement ideas and business projects, a place where they could offer their products and services, find partners, followers, like-minded people and friends. Here you can also create a small presentation of your account on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other social networks and share it. We will constantly work on improving our platform and expanding its functionality.

How does escrow work?

 Dogelly provides a service of escrow of the Buyer's funds for the time of delivery of the goods to him by the Seller. The Buyer and the Seller agree among themselves on the terms of delivery, the Buyer transfers the necessary amount to the Dogelly wallet and, upon receipt of the goods, Dogelly sends the payment to the Seller's wallet. This time-tested scheme guarantees the protection of the participants of the transaction. To use the escrow service when selling goods, the Seller must specify the price of the goods in US dollars when placing an ad, select the payment currency (f.e. DOGE) and enter the address of the cryptocurrency wallet in the appropriate field to which he will receive his funds after delivery of the goods to the Buyer. In this case, the Buyer will be able to add the product to his cart. In the "My Purchases" section of the Buyer's Personal Account, a "Buy with escrow" button will appear next to this product. By clicking on it, the Buyer will proceed to checkout. The order must specify the exact delivery address and other additional information that he considers necessary. Then the Buyer must transfer the amount specified in the order form to the Dogelly cryptocurrency wallet specified in the order form (be extremely careful!) and click the "I paid" button. After confirming the payment, Dogelly will transfer the order to the Seller. The Seller must, within 72 hours (unless otherwise agreed), send the goods to the Buyer's address and inform Dogelly of the international shipment tracking code. If the Seller does not send the goods to the Buyer within the specified period and does not contact the Dogelly Administration, Dogelly will return the Buyer's funds to his cryptocurrency wallet. The Buyer sees information about the status of each transaction in the "My purchases" section of his Personal Account. The Seller sees information about the status of transactions on the product on the page of the corresponding ad (this information is visible only to him and the Dogelly Administration). Dogelly strongly recommends that the Buyer agree with the Seller about all aspects related to the delivery of the goods before placing an order. Accepting the Buyer's funds to the cryptocurrency wallet, Dogelly believes that the Buyer agrees with all the Seller's conditions. Dogelly is not responsible for damage or loss of the goods during its transportation from the Seller to the Buyer, as well as for non-compliance of the properties and characteristics of the goods declared by the Seller. Dogelly believes that when the status of the international tracking code changes to the "Delivered" state, the Seller's obligations are fully fulfilled, and transfers the funds deposited by the Buyer to the Seller's cryptocurrency wallet. Dogelly earnestly asks the Buyer to log in to his Personal Account on the "My purchases" page after receiving the goods and click "I received the goods!" If you have any additional questions, please contact the Dogelly Support Service.

Dogelly is not yet registered as a company in well-known jurisdictions. Is it dangerous to trust them with money?

 In the decentralized world of the crypto industry, reputation is everything. Dogelly was created by real adherents of Dogecoin, as an expression of the ideals of financial freedom and independence of every person on the planet. Our good name is more precious to us than any money, and we do not seek to tarnish it with any unseemly deeds. We also want to emphasize that the creation and promotion of such   a project is not a very simple matter, and it is unlikely that those people who are going to compete with Amazon and Ebay will want to ruin their dreams with a banal petty scam. We also ask you not to forget that, for example, hundreds of online cryptocurrency exchange offices have been operating for many years without any registration and have thousands of grateful users, on the contrary, many "official giants" of the cryptocurrency industry with billions of capitalization are now involved in bankruptcy proceedings and are inundated with claims of investors who have lost mountains of money in them. Of course, if our scale grows to a noticeable size in the financial sky, we will have to go through the registration process. And you, dear Users, can bring this moment closer!

The legislation of some states prohibits the use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. What to do?

 Every citizen of the state must strictly comply with the legislation. All Dogelly content, including personal information of user Profiles, is contained on servers located in jurisdictions where there is no prohibition on the use of cryptocurrencies. By registering a personal Dogelly account, you provide only the information that you consider necessary. Mandatory Profile elements are only the nickname, email address and password. Dogelly does not have access to the user password. Dogelly does not give out the information contained in the databases to any third parties, except in cases provided for in paragraph 4. "Terms and Conditions". You can also delete your Profile at any time and create a new one in accordance with paragraph 8. "Terms and Conditions".

Dogecoin, like any other decentralized cryptocurrency, is still a bit volatile, and during the delivery of the goods, the cost may change in one direction or another. How to avoid unforeseen losses of profit in a transaction?

 Dogelly provides for the use of backup payment methods: currently, the purchase can be paid with the USDT stablecoin issued by Tether on the TRON blockchain (a token of the TRC-20 standard). This token is time-tested, has a huge user base and an extremely insignificant commission, comparable to the DOGE commission. We will be adding other payment methods based on minimizing transaction costs for Users.

Any more questions?