About us

Dogelly was created by a small team of enthusiasts - sincere and consistent adherents of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. We see that the popularity of the first meme cryptocurrency in the world is steadily growing, the scope of its use is constantly expanding, and no other cryptocurrency can boast of such an extensive, creative and cheerful community. We want all members of the Dogecoin community to have even more opportunities to implement ideas and business projects, a place where they could offer their goods and services, find partners, followers, like-minded people and friends. We dream of a time when in every point of the globe (and possibly in space!) it will be possible to buy everything you need for Dogecoin. We hope that our project will bring only good and will contribute to the peaceful coexistence of all people on our beautiful planet.

Good luck, friends!

Joel, Samantha, ""Cryptojet""

Road Town 07/20/2023